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One of the more intangible but nonetheless distinctive characteristics about Willowsford is the true culture it has developed, unique to its own place. That is, in large part, owed to the sustaining influence of Willowsford Farm. There is something significant about knowing the first names of the people who grow your food. Or being able to watch your child's face light up as he bites a sun-ripened raspberry he picked for himself. Or being able to ask someone just what, exactly, you are supposed to do with kohlrabi.

As part of the 2,000-acre Willowsford Conservancy, Willowsford Farm manages over 300 acres of agricultural land, growing more than 100 varieties of vegetables, herbs, fruit, and flowers, and raising several breeds of livestock.

The produce is available through the CSA program and at the Farm Market. The Farm also hosts educational activities and events, and supports local area businesses as a distribution point for sustainably raised meat, poultry and dairy products. Our mission is to grow healthy, lively food right where people live, and to offer The Farm as a place to realize their connections to the natural world and to each other. It is an old model, but new to our time and place.

The Mission of Willowsford Farm is robust:
  • To support our community with food that is healthy and tastes great
  • To keep our land open, accessible, and productive
  • To enhance the environmental and agricultural resources of Willowsford and the watershed
  • To integrate the farm into the fabric of the Willowsford community: to serve as a social and educational resource for the community; and to encourage all members of the community to make healthy lifestyle choices, particularly in regard to the food we eat, our relationships with our home, and the activities we participate in