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The vintage 1948 Willowsford farm truck, the traveling "ambassador" for the community.

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Willowsford Farm

Logo WillowsfordFarmFarm-to-table food. Locally grown produce. Seasonal eating. These ideas have gained strength in Americans' consciousness over the past few years although, for many people, the closest they can get to these ideals is to shop at a high-end, specialty grocery store. But for Willowsford residents, these healthy concepts will "come home" through the Willowsford Farm.

Willowsford Farm's homegrown harvests will include a variety of seasonal produce, and some that residents can even pick for themselves - from berries and summer vegetables to flowers and herbs. Or our fresh fruits and vegetables can be picked up 'market-style' at the Willowford farmers' market, where food and fun will mingle. Our professional farmer and staff ensure that everything produced by Willowford Farm is grown with integrity using environmentally low impact methods.