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Willowsford Farm is part of Willowsford, a unique residential community in Loudoun County, Virginia. Willowsford's 4,174 acres encompass single-family homes, open space, and farm land. As part of the 2,000-acre Willowsford Conservancy, the farm manages over 300 acres of agricultural land, growing more than 150 varieties of vegetables, herbs, fruit, and flowers, and raising several breeds of livestock. Our produce is available through our CSA program and at our Farm Stand. We also host educational activities and events here at the farm.

We are integrating a working landscape with residential and recreational uses for the first time at this scale. There is a deep agricultural heritage in Loudoun County, and the farm carries this tradition on into the future. We steward some of the community's best soils and are regenerating some of its poorest. The farm supports the community with healthy food, and serves as a hub for community engagement.

Community Supported Agriculture. Agriculture Supported Community

At the farm we often talk about Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). We like CSA because it deepens one's relationship with food, health, land, and neighbor. The support of our community bolsters the farm and makes its work more meaningful. It is a two-way street; it could just as easily be called Agriculture Supported Community, and perhaps that is the best way to describe the relationship we're building here at Willowsford. We believe that food can bring a community together and that stewardship can cultivate a sense of place. Our mission is to grow healthy, lively food right where people live, and to offer the farm as a place to realize their connections to the natural world and to each other. It is an old model but new to our time and place.

The Mission of Willowsford Farm is robust:

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